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What makes Grof® Legacy Training - Holos unique?

In recent weeks, in preparation for the training, we have had a number of amazing meetings, during which we worked to ensure that our training has the greatest possible credit in the eyes of the professional public. We visited professor Cyril Höschl at the National Institute of Mental Health and arranged a cooperation in the teaching of our students by the staff of the psychedelic section of NIMH. We agreed that psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is knocking on the door and that trained assistants and therapists will be needed to perform it. Our training includes modules focused on psychedelic substances, where we will teach how to perform such therapy. The real possibilities of its use will then depend on the development of legislation, which, however, is directed in this way worldwide.

We consider working with holotropic states of consciousness - whether induced by holotropic breathing, psychedelic substance or spontaneous - to be the future of mental health care. However, for application in therapy, it is necessary to have a broad knowledge of the topic and to have more technologies available for client care. Holotropic breathing is not for everyone and is not applicable in every situation. Therefore, our students will learn a number of other techniques in the training, which as Transpersonal therapists will be able to apply and effectively help people - such as techniques of working with the symbol, sandplay, music therapy, eco-art therapy and many others which we use in Holos Center.

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