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Grof® Legacy Training - Holos (3rd course)

The information on this page relates to the third training course, which starts in 2024. Applications will be accepted from 29 April 2024.

Grof® Legacy Training is now developed worldwide by teachers commissioned by Stan and Brigitte Grof. This created a number of trainings in the world, which have the same basis in Grof's legacy, but at the same time each is unique, thanks to the personal contribution of individual teachers. The trainings thus respect the cultural, political and social differences in different countries of the world. One of the teachers who was commissioned to lead Grof® Legacy Training by Stan and Brigitte Grof is Milan Hrabánek , who together with his team created a comprehensive psychotherapeutic training Grof® Legacy Training - Holos . Training in Czech and English has been conducted by excellent teachers from the Czech Republic and the world since 2021.

We are pleased that this year we can start a new course of international transpersonal training for a group of 24 additional trainees from all over the world, in Czech and English, due to the great interest.



Learn to use the healing potential of holotropic states of consciousness in client care and become a transpersonal therapist in a new international comprehensive training certified by Stan and Brigitte Grof - Grof® Legacy Training - Holos .

Self-experience training in Czech and English will be led by Milan Hrabánek together with leading experts from the Czech Republic and the world. The training will take place at the International Transpersonal Center Holos in the Czech Republic, which will offer a complete background not only for teaching and accommodation of trainees, but also for practice with clients.

The training has two levels.

The first stage of the training lasts 3.5 years and upon successful completion you will be able to perform the Grof® breathwork technique in experiential workshops. You will be able to provide support to people in psychospiritual crisis, people at the end of their lives, people recovering from addictions or experiencing crisis changes in their lives. Also people interested in self-development, seeking spiritual orientation or people looking to enhance their artistic creativity. You will be oriented in the field of archetypal astrology in connection to depth psychology, you will know the transpersonal process of dying, death and rebirth as well as various forms of shamanism.


After completion of the second level of training, which lasts another 2,5 years, you will be able as a certified Transpersonal Therapist Holos to use in practice with clients knowledge of a transpersonal approach to emotional and psychosomatic disorders, the process of dying, death and rebirth as well as shamanic rituals. You will also be able to work with people in a spiritual emergency or with a psychedelic experience. For psychotherapeutic practice, you will learn a number of techniques, including meditation, sandplay, working with the symbol, music therapy, art therapy and the technique of holotropic breathing in water or with live music. You´ll be able to use transpersonal methods to cure addictions.  If the legislation allows it, psychedelics assisted psychotherapy will be part of our training.


Together, both degrees form a comprehensive psychotherapeutic training in the direction of transpersonal psychotherapy, which is in accordance with the requirements of the European Association for Psychotherapy. The certification of the training by the Czech Association for Psychotherapy is under negotiation.

Six-years training time: 1487 training hours (training hour = 45 minutes)

  • Theory and technique training: 565 hours

    • of which theory in person: 206 hours

    • self-study of literature: 100 hours

    • training in techniques: 109 hours

    • case study elaboration: 150 hours

  • Self-experience: 472 hours

  • Supervision: 150 hours

  • Internships outside training: 300 hours


Who is the training for?

  • Doctors, psychologists, therapists, addictionologists, social workers and other people working in the helping professions, or students of these and related fields.


Conditions of acceptance:

  • medical fitness for holotropic breathing

  • a university degree in a relevant subject:

    • Adictology, Andragogy, Art Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Philosophy, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Pedagogy, Midwifery, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Supervision, Social Pedagogy, Social Work, Sociology, Special Education, Theology, General Nurse, General Medicine

    • Completion of at least a Bachelor's degree is required for application.

    • Completion of an M.Sc. degree in any of these fields is required for comprehensive training.

  • A minimum of 5 experiences with Grof® breathwork or holotropic breathwork before application

  • Minimum age of 23 years

What competencies will you acquire through training?

Upon successful completion of the 1st level of training, you will receive an international certificate of completion of Grof® Legacy Training - Holos with the competencies:

  • Grof® Breathwork facilitator

  • Assistants of dying people

  • Assistants of people with difficult psychedelic experience

  • Assistants of people in spiritual emergency (assistant of therapist)


The possibility of conducting therapy abroad depends on local legislation.


Upon successful completion of the 2nd level of training, you will receive an international Transpersonal Therapist Holos certificate with the competencies:​

  • Psychotherapist in the field of transpersonal psychotherapy 

  • Facilitator of Holotropic Breathing in Water

  • Therapist for people in spiritual emergency

  • Assistants of dying people

  • Assistants of people with difficult psychedelic experience

  • According to the legislative situation of the country: Therapist or sitter for psychedelic assisted psychotherapy  (We assume that in the Czech Republic only doctors - psychiatrists will be able to become independent therapists, other students should be competent to be assistants. At the moment, however, the legislative framework in the Czech Republic for psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is evolving.)

The possibility of conducting therapy abroad depends on local legislation.

Training structure

First level of training (3 years)

In the first level, we will work in a closed group of 24 participants. Within 3 years it consists of:

  • 7 six-day modules

  • 4 weekend modules

  • 1 certification twelve-day module

  • Participation in a 1-week self-discovery stay at the Holos Center as a client


In addition, outside of training:

  • at least 20 hours of psychotherapy

  • 100 hours of self-study of literature

  • participation as a volunteer in 1 festival in the service of harm reduction - psychedelic first aid

  • at least 200 hours of participation in internships outside of training, of which at least 100 hours at the Holos Centre Opava and the rest can be fulfilled at other mental health care providers (psychiatric hospitals, community treatment centres, etc.)

  • Self-experience in Grof breathwork or holotropic breathwork outside of training for a minimum of 30 experiences for certification (breathing before and during training counts)


Time allocation: 696 training hours (training hour = 45 minutes)

  • Theory: 236 hours

    • of which 100 hours self-study of literature

  • Skills training: 76 hours

  • Self-experience: 334 training hours

  • Internships: 200 hours


Second level of training (2,5 years)


Those interested in the therapeutic use of transpersonal psychotherapy methods can continue in the second level of training for another 2,5 years. In the second level, we will also work in a closed group, to which certified Grof® Breathwork facilitators can join us to complete the number of 24 participants.​

We are now finalizing the exact structure of the second level, given that we are negotiating the exact form of the section for teaching psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. We will post more information soon.

Conditions for granting certificates

To obtain the Grof® Legacy Training - Holos certificate in the first stage, participants must meet the following conditions:


  • In-person attendance at all six-day and twelve-day modules. Any absence for a serious reason must be substituted:

    • Participation in a similar module in a different course of training (if announced).

    • an individual study plan

    • substitutions are charged according to the price list

  • Fulfillment of all points of the mandatory practice, self-experience, minimum number of breathwork experiences, specified hours of psychotherapy, supervision, internships.

  • Ongoing completion of all assigned tasks (e.g., leading relaxation, introduction to Grof breathing, setting up a music set, etc.)

  • Elaboration of the paper "My Journey through Training" at the end of the first stage of training.

  • Successful completion of a final practical, written and oral exam including an assessment of the trainee's readiness to perform independently as a Grof® Breathwork facilitator. The assessment of readiness, including the trainee's personal qualities for working with people, is entirely the competence of the training team.

  • In case of not meeting the conditions for certification, the trainee will receive a confirmation of completion of the training in the given time range, but without final certification.


Other conditions:

  • Trainees must sign and adhere to the Grof® Breathwork Code of Ethics.

  • Trainees must sign and adhere to the Code of Ethics of the European Association for Psychotherapy.

The exact conditions for obtaining the certificate Transpersonal Therapist Holos in the second level of training will be added soon.

Admission procedure

The purpose of the admission procedure is to enable the study of applicants who have the prerequisites for future therapeutic work and also to appropriately assemble a group of trainees for a given training course.

Applications will be accepted from 29 April to 31 May 2024.

Applicants must complete the prescribed application form at this time and send it, including all attachments, using the online form. The order of applications received does not affect the evaluation, so it is important to process the application well, not quickly. We reserve the right to extend the application period if necessary.

The obligatory annexes to the application are:

  • structured CV (Resume) (1 page)

  • cover letter (2 pages)

  • video (1 minute) to introduce yourself to us and tell us what leads you to enroll in our training.

Selected candidates will be invited to the second round, which will take the form of a personal meeting of all candidates directly at the Holos Center. The date of this meeting will be announced soon.

If you do not proceed to the second round, you will be notified. No further reasons will be given for non-acceptance into the training.

Price and payment terms

We will publish the price of the third run by the end of April 2024, we are still finalizing the calculation, thank you for your patience.

Start of training

We plan to start the training with the first module on November 10-15, 2024. Individual six-day modules are held twice a year. The exact date of all modules is always published at least 1 year in advance.

Who is the training for?
Conditions for certificates
Admission procedure
Modules first level

Topics of training modules

1st level of training


Grof® Breathwork I.: 

The way to self-discovery and healing

module 1


An introductory module where you will learn basic information about how to perform Grof® Breathwork and its healing and transformation potential. We will discuss its basic components - working with the breath, music, bodywork, integration, the "inner healer". You will also experience four self-experiences - two as a "breather" and two as a "sitter".


Grof® Breathwork II.: 

Holotropic states of consciousness and the understanding of art

module 2


The second module will deepen your knowledge of Grof® Breathwork and teach you a number of practical skills for its leading. Topics will include the compilation of a music set or various options and methods of integration. Related to this is the overlap into art and the effect of holotropic states of consciousness on creativity, in a broader sense. Also in this module there will be four self-experiences of Grof® Breathwork.


Architecture of emotional and psychosomatic disorders

module 3


In the third module we will focus on the architecture of emotional and psychosomatic disorders from the perspective of transpersonal psychology and psychiatry. We will focus on the possibilities of applying methods of transpersonal psychology in their treatment. We will confront these findings with the approaches of biological medicine. There will be another four self-experiences.


The process of dying, death and rebirth

module 4


In the fourth module we will deal with the topic of the transpersonal dimension of death and dying - Psyche and Thanatos, both on a symbolic and real level, in the sense of caring for people at the end of life. We will also examine the roots of human violence and greed. From practical skills we will deepen some integration techniques. You will experience four self-experiences of Grof® Breathwork.


v1 module

Weekend module 1

Holotropic weekend for a training group under your leadership.


Shamanism and rites of passage in modern practice

module 5


In the fifth module, we will focus on the topic of shamanism, which we will discuss in a historical, but especially in a modern context. We will deal with psychedelics and modern shamans. We will then focus more attention on Slavic shamanism. The self-experience part will include the production of a shaman drum, Grof® Breathwork and sweatlodge.


v2 module

Weekend module 2

Holotropic weekend for a training group under your leadership.


Spiritual emergencies and addictions: understanding and treatment

module 6


The sixth module will be about spiritual emergencies and addictions. You will learn how to recognize them or in which cases it will be necessary to refine the diagnostics in cooperation with other experts. You will learn ways to work with them at certain stages of their course. We will deal with individual forms of spiritual emergencies, its risks, but also benefits. We will examine the relationship between alcoholism and addiction to the psychospiritual crisis. In the experience, four processes of Grof® Breathwork await you.


v3 module

Weekend module 3

Holotropic weekend for a training group under your leadership.

Psyche a Kosmos.jpg

module 7


Psyche and Cosmos

The seventh module will introduce you to the latest findings in archetypal astrology and its connection with deep psychology. We will deal with the topics of archetypes, synchronicities, personal transits or the correlation of planetary transits with historical events. However, the main emphasis will be placed on the possible use in synergy with deep psychology in therapy. It will include four Grof® Breathwork processes.


v4 module

Weekend module 4

Holotropic weekend for a training group under your leadership.


Certification double module

module 8


The final double module of the first level of training will test your acquired knowledge and skills and should complete one stage of your personal transformation, which you will consult with the teaching team. It will include eight self-experiences of Grof® Breathwork. If you meet all the requirements you will receive a Grof® Legacy Training certificate with the possibility to perform Grof® Breathwork.


sp module

Self-discovery stay

Self-experience during a week-long self-discovery stay at the Holos Centre together with clients. 

2nd level of the training

Modules second level

The way a transpersonal therapist works

module 9


In the second level of training, we will focus more on therapeutic work with individuals. We will explain the specifics of the approach and principles of transpersonal psychotherapy. You will learn the basics of some techniques - working with the symbol, Sandplay. We will practice therapeutic interviews. You will get acquainted with Loven's bioenergetics. Within the module, you will go through the self-experience technique of Sandplay.


s module

Supervision weekend

Group training supervision. You will learn about the different types of supervision and learn how to work under supervision.


Holotropic LIVE: Music therapy for transpersonal therapists

module 10


In the tenth module you will get acquainted with the possibilities of using natural tuning tools for therapy, both active and passive. We will also focus on the use of artephyletics in transpersonal practice and the use of holotropic breathing in children. As a self-experience you will experience Grof® Breathwork to live music - Holotropic LIVE.


Self-discovery and psychedelic therapy

module 11


In the eleventh module you will get acquainted with the latest knowledge in the field of therapeutic use of psychedelic substances. You will learn the advantages and disadvantages of psychedelic therapy and the current legislative framework in the Czech Republic and in the world. We will focus mainly on practice in the context of self-development and targeted psychotherapy - clinical indications, contraindications, selection of the type of psychedelic substance, the course of the session, subsequent integration and supportive psychotherapy. Case reports. Depending on the current legislative situation, you will experience either psychedelic self-experience or Grof® Breathwork.


Holotropic breathing in water

module 12


The twelfth module transports you to the aquatic environment. You will learn to perform the technique of Grof® Breathwork in water, including specific targeted bodywork. We will also discuss other supportive treatment approaches that a transpersonal therapist can apply in their practice. This time you will experience four self-experiences right in the water.


Certification double module

module 13


The final double module of the second level of training will test your acquired knowledge and therapeutic skills and should complete the next stage of your personal transformation, which you will consult with the teaching team. It will include four self-experiences of Grof® Breathwork. If you meet all requirements you will receive a Transpersonal Therapist certificate.

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