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Training venue

The entire training will take place at the International Transpersonal Center Holos in Opava-Vlaštovičky, which will offer complete facilities for accommodation and teaching. At the same time, it is a place that we have purposefully created precisely for these purposes - to help people using the methods of transpersonal psychology and to educate those interested in this field.


It is a place which has being developed by many people, volunteers, workers and therapists. It is a place where thousands of people have undergone holotropic breathing, both in experiential workshops and individually as part of a therapeutic program.


Accommodation for people going through a spiritual emergency has been operating here since 2011.


Holos Centrer is repeatedly visited by Stan Grof. He was here even in the beginning, when only the first part of the Center was finished and we gradually worked with volunteers to reconstruct the barn into a psychotherapeutic pavilion.

Thanks to the help of volunteers and sponsors, we managed to open the psychotherapeutic pavilion of the Holos Center in 2016, where all activities, seminars, workshops, therapies, lectures and cultural programs have taken place since then. Holotropic breathing seminar has been held here twice with the personal participation of Stan Grof. And we are honored that it will now be the venue for the global Grof® Legacy Training project.


You can find more about the Holos Center on the website .

Take a look at how we started reconstruction:

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