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We are preparing to launch the 3rd training run

Three years have flown by and this year the first students of the Grof® Legacy Training - Holos will have a certification module and thus complete the three-year self-experience training. In this way, they will be certified facilitators of Grof® breathwork, and some of them will certainly continue in the follow-up two-year study of transpersonal therapy.

However, we also have good news for those new to training! We are preparing the third training run. We will publish detailed information about it by the end of March 2024, we are planning a selection process during April and May 2024, the first module then in November 2024. So, if you are currently deciding which psychotherapy training to choose, this year you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the study of holotropic states of consciousness and Stan Grof's legacy in the modern approach of transpersonal psychology.

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