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Postponing the training start

The situation with COVID in the Czech Republic is getting worse so much in recent days that we have decided to postpone the training start.

We do this after consultation with our entire core team, Stan and Brigitte Grof, and with consideration how important it is for participants to feel comfortable and safe in this kind of work. A feeling of safety and inner peace are essential for this work. At the moment, the situation in the Czech Republic is serious and it can be expected that government regulations, which we are obliged to respect, will be further tightened in the coming days and weeks. At the moment, this creates great uncertainty about what awaits us in the coming weeks, and we do not want to put participants at too much risk.

We therefore decided to postpone the start of our training by one scheduled date, which means that the first module will take place on the date of the second module (March 14-19, 2021), and thus the training will be moved by one module. All other announced dates for next year will remain valid so that it does not cause complications in your calendars.

We believe that the whole situation will improve and we will be able to start our training successfully in March together with a holotropic breath.

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