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COVID19 measures and prolonging application deadline

As one of the world's Grof® Legacy Training, we are in close contact with other teachers around the world, as well as with Stanislav and Brigitte Grof, who cover the training worldwide. The issue of participant safety during a pandemic is crucial for us, as for other Grof® Legacy Training teachers. After discussions on this topic, we therefore decided that, like all other Grof® Legacy Trainings in the world, we will not start practical training in March. The following circumstances have led us to make this decision at this time: • The epidemic situation in the Czech Republic has been bad for a long time and still has a deteriorating trend. We are facing new mutations in the virus that are more contagious. • Possible antigen testing of participants on arrival at the module which we were considering is not a sufficient measure. Antigen tests have been found to be only around 70% reliable. Therefore, PCR testing in combination with self-isolation would be necessary, which is logistically demanding. • The possibility of traveling to the Czech Republic is significantly limited. Although it is possible to travel for the purpose of study, it is associated with the need for at least 5 days self-isolation after arrival in the Czech Republic, subsequent PCR test and 10 days mandatory wearing of a respirator. • The module is not permitted due to current government measures and no early change can be expected. Until recently, it seemed that the situation was improving and it would be possible to organize the module based on the test, but now it is clear that this will not be possible in March.

The first training group will have to stay in distance learning for some time.

When it will be possible to organize the training modules will depend on the development of all the mentioned circumstances and on the decision of the Grof® Legacy Training.

We prolonged the deadline for registration for the training until 28th February 2021.

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