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Auspices over the training - the text of the letter

Dear Doctor,

Allow me to express my support for the Grof® Legacy Training - Holos project, which the Foundation Dagmar and Václav Havel VIZE 97 Foundation grants its auspices.

The aim of the project is to pass on the legacy of Professor Stanislav Grof, who in 2007 took over from my husband Václav Havel the VIZE 97 Foundation Award. I am very pleased to be able to spread his knowledge and experience in the field of transpersonal psychology and psychiatry. I am I am convinced that the psychotherapeutic training will be an important contribution to the professional and general public.

Thank you for your initiative and I wish the event much success and positive feedback.

Best regards

Dagmar Havlová

Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees

Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation VIZE 97

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