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William Poltikovich

as a director of documentaries, he captures mainly the spiritual dimension of topics in the field of ethnography, sociology, psychology, art. The main impetus for his films are ancient questions: Why are we here? Where did we come from and where are we going? And also how to develop inner freedom and dissolve all fear. During the filming, he travels a lot around the world, met a number of important spiritual personalities of various cultures, participated in special rituals and ceremonies, visited many sacred places in the world. He also shares his travel experiences and experiences from the world of spiritual practice in numerous screenings and discussions in various parts of our republic.


In recent decades, he has focused on the topic of death, about which he lectures and screens for the lay and professional public. In this context, he also participated, for example, in the first Czech Transpersonal Conference, the Czech-Slovak Psychedelic Forum, and was a patron and participant in "K smrti dobrý" Festival.



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