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Roland Urban, Msc.

Roland Urban is health, clinical and emergency psychologist, researcher, process designer and author. He has studied psychology, social and health sciences in Vienna and Dublin. For the last 15 years he has been working at top management level in a large private organisation within the child and youth welfare sector (critical infrastructure).


He has been involved in shamanism since around 1995, in practice since 2000. For many years he has been trained by and collaborated with Michael and Sandra Harner, Paul and Roswitha Uccusic, as well as indigenous shamans. Numerous study visits focussed on Europe, the Near East and North America. 

Roland Urban is the Director of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe since 2013. 


He has developed numerous training formats and programmes, teaches, researches and publishes internationally on psychology, social work as well as shamanism.

His main areas of interest concern "Shamanism and Science", "Shamanism in the 21st Century" as well as "Change and Transformation".


He sees himself as a health, community and landscape worker. He maintains a shamanic practice, lives with his family in the countryside of Upper Austria, and takes care of bees and a small piece of land there.

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