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M.Sc. Jana Vysoudilová

My path to therapeutic work was not straightforward. I studied art and then added music - classical guitar, vocals and piano. To this day, I work as a teacher at Elementary Art School, where I lead children to music. However, I still encountered transpersonal overlap as a child when I started practicing yoga at the age of 11. From the age of 16, I started working as a yoga teacher on holiday stays, and gradually there were year-round yoga courses for adults in Brno and then in Šternberk.


During this time, psychology and methods of working on myself interested me as a means of self-knowledge and development. I consider transpersonal psychology to be the most accurate and complete map of the psyche - after 7 years of personal experience with the spiritual emergency, my next career went to helping people in difficult life situations (mental and health), working with people who are dealing with the fact of death (as a family member or one's own fatal illness), support for people going through a spiritual emergency and children.


From expressive therapies, music therapy has become a logical choice, which has opened up a completely new perspective on music: a place of joy, healing, free expression of myself and the kind of communication with people that I work with as a therapist. It also led to the discovery of new instruments and the pleasure of playing them, singing and its natural expression, the voice as a personal therapeutic tool and an indicator of the degree of connection with its authenticity. In my own experience, I have experienced its healing and harmonizing effects and how it turns me into a healthier and more balanced personality. I take care of people who are after illness or injury with long-term or permanent consequences, I work with children in schools, with the public in drum circles and group relaxations, and with the disabled.

My artistic side began to develop rapidly during the spiritual emergency, when I began to articulate my experiences and found that it helps to successfully go through the inner states of spontaneously expanded consciousness. Today, I regularly exhibit my work and also illustrate books on transpersonal topics. I discovered the sandplay technique as a playful and affordable way to convey a similar healing potential to people who are not close to artistic creation. The images in the sand are created easily and the pleasure of the aesthetic experience blends with the deep release of long-suppressed energies.


In 2018, I completed the study of transpersonal therapy in the international Grof Transpersonal Training and became a facilitator of holotropic breathwork. Holotropic breathwork has been my central technique of personal growth since 2004 and I focus on it in the International Transpersonal Center Holos, where I have been assisting to Milan Hrabánek, M.D. since 2012 at holotropic breathwork workshops and during the week as a therapist with sandplay techniques, music therapist and holotropic breathwork facilitator. Since 2014, I have had the pleasure of meeting Stanislav Grof, co-author of this technique, and learning directly from him.


In 2019, I entered the Neuroenergetic therapy training under the guidance of Roger Gilchrist, which is based on the knowledge of craniosacral therapy, but combines it with other techniques of energy healing.

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