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Mgr. Ing. Lukáš Langer

He studied energy at the Technical University in Ostrava. He worked as a professional consultant in the field of nuclear energy and led the construction of nuclear power plants in Europe.


Inspired by the personality of Carl G. Jung, he decided to study psychology at the Faculty of Arts of Palacký University in Olomouc. He is a member of the Czech Society for Analytical Psychology and a trainee in analytical psychology and Jungian psychotherapy. He works in his private psychological practice and as a member of the therapeutical team of the International Transpersonal Center Holos. He is assistant to Milan Hrabánek, M.D. at work with the technique of holotropic breathwork.


In his practice, he focuses on individual psychological counseling and psychotherapy, while applying a holistic view of the person.

In the corporate environment, he conducts seminars on the topic of Well-Being and acts as a transpersonal coach, a style that is one of the transformational methods of coaching dealing with personality changes, deeper and more serious lifelong topics. He directs the corporate culture of competition to a culture of sharing. Human resources replaces with human relations.


In 2017, he traveled with his family to Peru, where he lived in the Amazon and the Sacred Valley. He studied and researched the spiritual traditions of indigenous cultures and shamanism.


By combining knowledge of the spiritual techniques of the original cultures with modern research into consciousness and research in the field of transpersonal and positive psychology, he develops the competencies of his clients so that they can experience the joy, fullness and uniqueness of their own authenticity.

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